Cobus van Bosch

Sanna Dewald and Margarete Bok, Rehoboth, around 1910. (Oil on canvas, 40cm x 60cm, 2013).

In 1870 about 330 Basters, a group of people of mixed origin, moved from the Cape Colony in South Africa to Namibia and settled in an area south of the current city of Windhoek. They founded the town of Rehoboth and even gained a degree of autonomy from the German colonisers of Namibia. They however revolted against the Germans in 1914 and withstood attacks from the colonisers. Another revolt was supressed in 1915 by South African forces, using machine guns and warplanes. Today the Rehoboth Basters, numbering around 35 000, form a respected segment of the Namibian nation.