Cobus van Bosch

The Nama rebel Cornelius Fredericks - 1864-1907. (Oil on canvas, 38cm x 76cm, 2013).

Cornelius Fredericks was a Namibian leader of the Bethanie Namas and an ally of the great guerrilla fighter Hendrik Witbooi in the struggle against German colonialism in Namibia. He joined Witbooi around 1894 and fought German forces in the Naukluft area. Fredericks fought with Witbooi in the Nama resistance from 1904 and gave the Germans so much trouble that a prize of 3000 Deutschmarks was placed on his head. He was forced to surrender to the Germans in 1906 and was interned in the much-feared Shark Island concentration camp at Lüderitz, where he died in 1907. After his death Fredericks was among those decapitated for study by, amongst others, the notorious German biologist Eugen Fischer.