Cobus van Bosch

Heritage Cache

Hidden somewhere on the slopes of Table Mountain lies a metal box
holding a strange collection of objects

Selected by visual artists from all over South Africa, these objects
echo the heritage of southern Africa from
time immemorial to today. We challenge you to find it.

Heritage Cache joins the phenomenon of geocaching, a global adventure activity in which people are invited to use a map or a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit to find a hidden container filled with various items.

  Geocaching is a fast growing international cult activity, with more than 2000 geocache sites already existing in South Africa. Participants usually refer to the website to acquire a list of geocaches in a certain country. These caches vary in content – you could chance upon only a logbook in which you note the fact that you have found the cache, or you could find a container filled with various items, i.e. photographs, videos or books.

  The Heritage Cache is one of these geocaches, hidden somewhere on the slopes of Table Mountain. The exact nature of the contents of the container is secret, suffice to say that it is a collection of objects representing the southern African heritage or an aspect thereof. Each of these objects was selected by a South African artist.

  Geocache hunters are invited to find the cache, inspect it and add their own items to this collection if they wish, and to hide it again on exactly the same spot where they found it. The container will thus hold a growing treasure of “readymade” artworks, representing the heritage of southern Africa.

  The Heritage Cache is listed on the website


The Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates of the spot where the cache can be found are:

18° 23’40.10 E and 33° 56’54.88 S

Also refer to the map below.

Objects were chosen by:

William Kentridge, Diane Victor, Willem Boshoff, Lien Botha, Willie Bester, Brett Murray, Churchill Madikida, Gordon Froud, Raymond Smith, Cobus van Bosch, Arlene Amaler-Raviv, Sanell Aggenbagh, Dale Yudelman, Norman O’Flynn, Liza Grobler, Conrad Botes, Andrew Porter, Kevin Brand, Adrienne van Eeden, Inge du Plessis, Leonard Wichtmann

Project coordinators: Cobus van Bosch and Arlene Amaler-Raviv.

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